University of Georgia College of Social Work


The College of Social Work at the University of Georgia had two specific requests. Help them spread awareness about the economic impact that the college was responsible for, and help them increase enrollment at their Gwinnett Campus.

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When it comes to academics, The University of Georgia is as serious about them as they are about football. With the UGA school of social work aiming to leverage their 60 years of positive change effected to become school ranking National Champs in 2024, as well as increase enrollment at their Gwinnett county campus. They approached Rigmarole to help with those initiatives.


Big Idea & Solution

Rigmarole used a combination of demographically and geographically hyper-targeted display ads to help UGA’s School of Social Work (which has seen a growth in research of 55% over the last 5 years) best serve their stellar message and offering in front of the right, qualified eyeballs. Given the over 1.5 million impressions thus far, all signs point to a stellar 2024 admissions season, increased brand awareness, and perhaps even a championship trophy.