Oconee Elite


Oconee Elite is a vibrant business whose best assets are her offering of first-class Pella® products and the excellent, white-glove customer service that each homeowner receives.

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Phase One

SEO & PPC - 6 months

June 1, 2023 – December 10, 2023



The number of users that interacted with a link to Oconee Elite’s site in search results.

Site Visitors


Oconee Elite’s site steadily climbed in search rankings and as a result, many new users found the site. 

Projected Customers


Number based on standard industry benchmark conversion and close rates.

Phase Two

Advertising - 1 month

December 10, 2023 – December 31, 2023



The number of ideal customers that interacted with Oconee Elite’s ads. This resulted in over 1.2K site visitors.

Projected Leads


Number based on the industry benchmark of a 3% conversion rate.

Projected Customers


Number based on a 1 in 3 close rate.


Through an ongoing, phased approach to increasing their digital presence, Oconee Elite has seen dramatic enhancements in the short time that we have worked together. During the first phase of our work with them, we focused on backlink-based SEO and Google Search Ads (PPC). This phase dramatically increased Oconee Elite’s site traffic over a period of 6 months. Then we entered phase two as we approached 2024, where we pivoted their budget toward advertising. In less than a month of run time for this ad campaign, we matched the website traffic that Oconee Elite had been experiencing in phase one. Also importantly, we were able to expose their brand and offering to potential customers over 350,000 times!


Utilizing industry benchmarks, we can safely assume that our total efforts on behalf of Oconee Elite have brought an increase of over 20 new clients in just 7 months. We can also observe that SEO and PPC efforts were necessary for Oconee Elite’s website to gain position in search rankings, but didn’t translate to nearly as many impressions, site visitors or leads. However, pivoting toward advertising helped get Oconee Elite’s offer in front of more qualified customers in a shorter period of time, resulting in an increase in potential customers. This effort ensures that Oconee Elite is top-of-mind when their potential customers are considering upgrading their homes’ windows and entry doors.


Oconee Elite home improvements is a family-owned business committed to providing an exceptional customer experience. As the premier Pella Certified Contractor in their area, they are proud to offer the industry’s leading replacement windows and doors. Despite their already stellar reputation and being Pella certified platinum contractors (a rare and difficult-to-achieve honor!), they were looking to truly OWN their local market, and we were happy to oblige.

Big Idea & Solution

Our efforts have successfully bolstered Oconee Elite’s status as the truly elite choice for your home’s windows and doors. All of our efforts from day one have aligned behind this cause. Now, Oconee Elite has a website that ranks at the top of Google for many competitive and highly relevant search terms (ie. window replacement, window repair, entry door replacement) in their areas of service. They also reap the benefits of an ongoing, targeted ad campaign, aimed at their ideal clientele, with a clear message of what Oconee Elite has to offer.