Northeast Georgia Contracting


Northeast Georgia Contracting is the go-to land clearing service provider for rural Northeast Georgia when it comes to land clearing, forestry mulching, bush hogging and demolition services. They provide great on-budget and on-time work with the friendly customer service that customers deserve.

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The number one challenge was launching a brand from scratch in a limited and hard-to-reach geographical area. NGC came to us without much more than an idea. However, we immediately saw the potential and got to work get the good (digital) word out. In fact, Rigmarole had done such good work for an affiliated client that we were brought on to take on the challenge.

Big Idea & Solution

Given the nature of what they do we had to make NGC look like an established business. Clearly showing their work (something that usually niche and word of mouth) through a wonderful blog, web content, and effectively-targeted social ads led to the establishment of a successful local land clearing company that gets more business than they know what to do with!


Rigmarole has been our go-to marketing agency for the past five years. Our business has grown tremendously over the years and Rigmarole has been a vital partner all the way.​

Social Ads

When it came to placing ads, social channels (particularly Facebook) made the most sense because they allowed us to specifically target prospective customers in a specific 20 mile perimeter. By repurposing marketing content to create the ads, we were able to create a clear conversion path from ad to the service of interest. This made it easy for visitors to convert into bona fide sales leads.

Website & User Experience

We designed a slick, simple, educational and easy to navigate website using SEO best practices and populated with visual content that accurately represents the services that NGC offers to its customers. Customers are interested in seeing what NGC does, so we gave them what they wanted!


Marketing Content For SEO

One of the challenges for NGC is that it operates in a space in which prospective customers typically either don’t know or use the correct industry terminology to find the services they are actually seeking. We conducted extensive market research, and used it to create marketing content that accurately reflected what customers looking for various types of land clearing services were actually searching for. We created a blog using HubSpot that matches the look and feel of the site, creating extensive high-value SEO content using both pillar content and supporting articles. Never underestimate how much enthusiasm Bush Hogging videos will garner!