Eze Sur Mer


As a brand new fashion label, Eze Sur Mer, a brand highly influenced by the looks of the South of France, faced many challenges. In a competitive space, we devised a highly visual means of representing their brand to potential customers. By showing off the elevated style to carefully targeted groups of shoppers, we were able to increase their brand’s visibility by over 4,000%.

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It’s no secret that breaking into the fashion world is a real challenge, especially for an upstart label. When and if you try, you want to ensure as soon as possible that what you’ve worked so hard to design, manufacture and dream of is going to be appreciated and purchased. Eze Sur Mer, with its 100% sustainable collection is aiming to enter the luxury resort wear market with a bang.


Big Idea & Solution

Using hyper-targeted display advertising, we were able to test their market in the United States (despite the clothing being mostly out of season at the time for the Northern hemisphere!) by geographically and demographically targeting areas and buyer personas to whom Eze Sur Mer’s clothing line would be relevant and desired in preparation for a more robust campaign to capture hearts.