International Contractors Incorporated


ICI is a family-owned company in its second generation of leadership. Since 1982, they have completed award-winning projects through commercial construction management, general contracting and design/build project delivery. Clients continually turn to ICI for their construction needs because of our performance history and strong project delivery.

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In an industry that often operates almost exclusively through referrals, ICI wanted to expand and bring in more projects for grocery store construction using the Internet.


Big Idea & Solution

Our solution was simple. Commercial construction is a difficult industry to drum up business in because of the astronomical price that construction projects entail. To accomplish growth for ICI, we turned to an approach that included extensive market research, a leadership weight content offer, marketing automation, email, and landing pages, as well as a healthy Facebook advertising strategy.


Leadership Weight Content

There no way better way to grow in a market than to become perceived as an authority in it. By leveraging and publishing leadership weight content thanks to relevant market research, we helped position ICI as a leader in the commercial construction market. They already walked the walk, now they talk the talk too. Making our target personas Vice Presidents of construction at grocery store chains resulted in millions of dollars in business for ICI. 

Facebook Advertising

In an industry that relies mostly on referrals, it’s rare that companies in commercial construction advertise on social media. Using information determined by our extensive research, we targeted prospects using ads promoting leadership weight content.

Email Marketing & Automation

Using HubSpot, we nurtured potential business leads by implementing complex email marketing campaigns designed to trigger automated follow up communication sequences based on response.