What Is A Pilot Campaign?

The overarching goal of a Pilot campaign is to allow you to “get your feet wet”. During this time you’ll gain insight into what it’s like to work with Rigmarole as well as the new possibilities that advertising could unlock for your business.

What is the Pilot?

At Rigmarole, we believe in the power of firsthand experience. That’s why we’re thrilled to present our exclusive offer tailored for new clients: a two-week long display ad campaign on our cutting-edge DSP (Demand-Side Platform), all for just $2500. What sets this offer apart is our commitment: every cent of your investment goes directly into ad spend. Rigmarole takes no fees, ensuring that your entire budget is dedicated to highlighting the potential impact that our advertising could provide for your brand.  

What is the Goal of the Pilot?

The primary objective of this offer is simple yet powerful: to provide you with a  taste of the unparalleled excellence that defines Rigmarole’s advertising prowess. Through this campaign, you’ll not only witness the remarkable capabilities of our technology but also experience the dedication and expertise of our team. Our goal is to demonstrate how we can leverage our advanced tools and strategies to effectively connect your brand with your target audience like never before.

What to Expect from Future Campaigns.

While our introductory offer provides an invaluable opportunity to showcase your brand and drive new traffic to your website, it is just the tip of the iceberg. Future full-scale campaigns will feature extensive campaign strategy, multiple ad and media types tailored to your specific goals, hyper targeted audiences and retargeting tactics, artwork and creative design, and ongoing campaign optimization. In essence, while our introductory offer lays the foundation for our partnership, future campaigns will unlock our full arsenal of tools and tactics to accomplish your advertising goals.