Generate Qualified Traffic

Success means ensuring we understand who the buyer is and what they are searching for in Google, that our client appears in the search results through SEO or Ads, and that the messaging the buyer receives along the way communicates value.


Traffic can be obtained from several marketing channels. These include everything from Social Media, to Email Campaigns, even Influencer Marketing. There are seemingly endless ways to get your business in the eyes of your potential customers. While each different channel has value in certain instances, we believe our approach brings the most value to businesses like yours. This is why we focus on two channels, SEO and Google PPC.

Data and Reporting

Data and Reporting are fantastic tools but to get the most from them and get more commercial value from internet marketing, the data and analytics need to be carefully set up. We must fully integrate analytics into each business.

This setup includes KPIs for every channel, custom dashboards and reports, technology integrations, and full-funnel visibility. Keeping tight controls on the data and analytics is vital. It not only informs our team to make the best decisions and do the best work, but it also gives clients valuable insight into the market and consumer behavior.

Research and Strategy

To ensure we get qualified traffic for our clients, we heavily research the marketing, including buyer profiles, the client's offering, keywords, and competitors. 

Our core belief is that strategic digital marketing and advertising can be leveraged to yield unprecedented power and momentum to grow businesses. Clients need a comprehensive and updated digital marketing strategy using the insights generated from our in-depth research, grounded in proven consumer behavior and marketing fundamentals. In addition to competitive insights, we use industry-leading tools to discover more about your ideal customers' online activities, interests, and demographics. We dive deep into your competitors' websites, rankings, and online presence to discover what's working well and identify new opportunities.

This, combined with our expert keyword insights, allows us to develop an excellent digital strategy. We'll also spend time analyzing our clients' current results and strategizing for each next step and provide ongoing monthly strategy and reporting of our progress so clients can feel confident that things are moving forward.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the primary driver of Qualified Traffic to your website. Search Engine Optimization is the foremost long-term driver of success. But here's the rub on how to get Google's search engine to play nice. Backlinking is when one website links to another with an anchor text. An example of a backlink is any article you find that links to another source or website. You can find examples of website backlinks all over the internet. The number of backlinks drives SEO rankings. So the more backlinks we obtain on reputable sites, the better. But don't worry, we'll do all the link acquisition for you. 

Over time, your site will rank higher and higher among popular search engines due to the well-executed SEO strategy we implement. Organic traffic will eventually out-pace the traffic coming through your ads, and at that point you're rockin' and rollin'.

Google Search Ads

PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click. Although we ultimately plan to get you organic traffic through a well-executed SEO strategy, Google PPC gets you traffic while that SEO plan comes together and begins to show fruit. Google PPC supports the SEO strategy in the short term. Traffic volume is directly tied to page ranking for high-value keywords. The higher the rank, the more traffic that comes to the site. Google PPC allows us to "rent" these page spots by showing ads when people search for the keywords.


Throughout the process, you'll receive up-to-date reporting that shows where your business currently ranks. You will climb in the rankings well past your competitors as we execute our plan for your success.

The ongoing digital marketing and advertising optimization and continuous improvement activities drive success over the long term. Our clients' top competitors invest monthly money in SEO, Paid Media, and website improvements. Our clients must continue to invest in these same things and continuous optimization after launch to get ahead and stay ahead of these key competitors.  

Managing SEO campaigns takes a lot of time, something most business owners don't have. This includes weekly analytics reviews, keyword analysis, and ranking reviews. Then we have to optimize the SEO and website content in the market while continually producing new content and acquiring new backlinks that build on the foundational campaign Volume, relevance, and authority are all key fundamentals to winning.

To do PPC right, we must use the same fundamentals of a successful SEO campaign. We're here to help. On a monthly, weekly, or daily basis, our optimization experts will manage and optimize client campaigns, including but not limited to removing underperforming ads/keywords, testing new ads/keywords, adding negative keywords, and landing page optimization to improve quality scores. We will also implement and experiment with alternative bid strategies and placement. 

Once you reach the top, we will continue to innovate, insuring that you stay the market leader in your industry. The traffic that comes through your site will be highly valuable to your business and provide a primary avenue of growth.


The Unbound Marketing System is a proven formula for growth. Here's what our clients have to say about working with us.

Bill Hall

I couldn’t be happier with Rigmarole over the past six years. The Rigmarole team is professional, business savvy, and regularly brings new ideas to the table that are actionable and provide tremendous value.
-President of Murray Plastics

Bradley Floyd

Rigmarole has been our go-to marketing agency for the past five years. Our business has grown tremendously over the years and Rigmarole has been a vital partner all the way.
-President of Northeast Georgia Contracting

Doug Ingram

Rigmarole's work helped us exceed our goal of 15 leads per month by 538% and 5 new customers a month by 324%. Enough said!
-President of Good Shepherd Roofing

Bradley Ballard

Our national accounts now include Walmart, Lowes, Dollar General, Walgreens, and Coca-Cola. Rigmarole is a first-class agency that has helped us attract and serve first-class companies.
-President of Retail Services Inc.

Daniel Perkins

Working with Rigmarole has been a wonderful experience. Their team takes the time to listen to what we need and has created a marketing system that looks amazing, functions, and has brought in increased demand by millions of reels.
-COO of Tayloreel Corporation

Andrew Clyde

Rigmarole created an outstanding website and online store that serves the needs of consumers and our agency clients. The traffic used to trickle in, but now our site gets 12k+ visitors per month, all from SEO.
-President of Clyde Armory

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