Stan Mullins


While calling his renovated and redesigned 19th century cottonseed oil refiner in Athens, Georgia home, international visual artist (and our first client) Stan Mullins continues to travel the globe on the quest of spiritual enlightenment and artistic growth and development.

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Despite Stan’s stellar reputation as a sculptor and painter, being a fine artist for a living (even a successful one) is always a challenge. In short, Stan was looking to connect more consumers and patrons with his art. We were more than happy to oblige.


Big Idea & Solution

The solution to Stan’s challenge lay in a combination of marketing strategy, design implementation, and content creation. Inbound initiatives helped funnel more prospective consumers and patrons towards his newly redesigned site and his art using social publishing and marketing content offers.


User Experience

Stan’s initial website design looked good, but we made it our job to redesign how users navigated the site and how they interacted with viewing his oeuvres and other content. We significantly increased the amount of images and content for each project so that users could get a thorough understanding of the scope of his work.

Marketing Content & Social Publishing

Using HubSpot, we created and promoted content and offers such as “Discover Your Inner Medici CTA,” which aimed to connect modern-dayedicis (patrons of the arts) with a modern-day Michelangelo. Rigmarole also created and ran the Crowns of Glory campaign in conjunction with the University of Georgia that allowed people to recommend the future home of the Herschel Walker statue.

Photo & Video

Since Stan is a visual artist, we were lucky to have such elevated art to use and highlight every step of the way. We made sure that all the photos and videos showcasing his work and vision were of a quality that was high enough to match the beauty and intricateness that his work commands. Transcendent art deserves a worthy medium by which to be consumed!