Retail Services Incorporated


Retail Services Incorporated (RSI) is one of the country’s largest providers of environmental power washing services to over 1000 locations throughout the Southeastern United States. They serve big-box retailers, shopping centers, restaurants, municipal, commercial and industrial accounts, providing exterior and interior power washing with EPA approved water reclamation and recycling practices, asphalt seal coating and repairs, parking lot striping, crack filling, landscaping, light land grading and clearing, product assembly, snow removal and deicing.

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Despite having a healthy relationship providing services for nationwide Walmarts, RSI wanted to diversify their business. This was a challenge, as a lack of knowledge/awareness of the proper industry terminology made it difficult to advertise through traditional channels.


Big Idea & Solution

Our solution was a holistic one; RSI needed a facelift. We completely rebuilt their website and ran an email campaign to coincide with it. Since industry terminology was a pain point, creating publishable and advertisable content around the keywords words that people actually DO search for was integral to the campaign.


Our national accounts now include Walmart, Lowes, Dollar General, Walgreens, and Coca-Cola. Rigmarole is a first-class agency that has helped us attract and serve first-class companies.

Website Design

First impressions are lasting impressions. Even if you have a great business, you have to look the part as well, especially if you are trying to enable your sales team to close and retain new accounts. Because RSI primarily deals with multiple location major enterprise accounts, not looking the part was not an option.

User Experience

RSI wanted to make their brand and user experience look and feel the part to handle national enterprise account. To make it happen, we created a user experience that showcased the RSI content and their unique selling propositions that enterprises wanted to see. This framework became the foundation for the website design.

Email Marketing

Rigmarole ran a very successful email marketing campaign targeting a major home supplies retailer’s individual stores.