Relief Scout


Relief Scout is a Boston-based company invested in finding the best products that already exist in the CBD market. What makes Relief Scout different from other CBD retailers is an unbiased and unwavering commitment to finding the purest and highest quality CBD products, while also providing guidance on the best methods and amount to consume so consumers may find relief from various conditions.


The main challenge lay in helping to launch the new brand and business in a fast high-growth market serious regulatory limitations. This meant that Google Search and social ads for CBD products were out of the question. As a result, we had to think outside the box (one of the things we do best!) and devise a content and advertising strategy that would lead to more consumer exposure for Relief Scout without putting them in any hot water.


Big Idea & Solution

How did we work against impossible odds without being able to advertise on socials or direct product ads on Google, and other traditional networks? We turned to select network advertising in the cannabis space. We knew using SEO would allow us to bypass regulation, and that using custom tailored sponsored content would set Relief Scout up for long term success. By the end of our relationship with Relief Scout, organic traffic converted to sales on the store from the first month onwards, network ads were performing 10X better than the benchmark and we were able to successfully launch a new brand in a fast and high growth market without the luxury of social advertising.


Select Network & Search Ads

For Relief Scout, we turned to Mantis and Leafly, two cannabis-specific networks that specialize in running cannabis/CBD related advertisements. However, just because we used these networks doesn’t mean that we didn’t have to strategize and create content that could pass regulatory scrutiny. For Google search ads, we took the novel approach of creating and advertising content built around the disease states that CBD can help manage, as we were unable to advertise any products directly in search ads either.

Sponsored Content

This ended up being our secret weapon. Despite garnering positive results from more traditional banner ads, we really hit the jackpot performance wise thanks to sponsored content based on topical content we created and published. Pairing sponsored content with a cannabis-specific network allowed us to get the word out about Relief Scout to the people who need it most without breaking the rules.

Web Design, Custom App & eCommerce

We provided Relief Scout with a fully custom-designed website and eCommerce platform that met the banking standards of the cannabis industry. This was no easy feat, considering that the entire eCommerce platform had to be developed and designed in accordance with regulations, as well as perfectly mirror the experience of the Relief Scout site. Rigmarole also created a custom application/questionnaire that matches particular disease states to custom CBD recommendations. When information is entered, it correlates to an extensive AWS database that then populates a visually stunning custom recommendation.