Clyde Armory


Located in Athens, GA, Clyde Armory is the best source for firearms, NFA items, accessories, ammunition, and tactical gear. Their focus and services serve personal defense outfitting, law enforcement, and the military.

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Despite having a healthy brick and mortar business selling to individual consumers and law enforcement, their website was garnering very little attention (and therefore no sales). The design was a decade out of date, didn’t properly represent the brand, and didn’t make it nearly easy enough to navigate and purchase products.


Big Idea & Solution

The solution was to totally overhaul the design and user experience, and to differentiate Clyde Armory in the firearms market. We designed and built an entirely custom site and eCommerce platform using Magento 2, which has just been released at the time.


Rigmarole created an outstanding website and online store that serves the needs of consumers and our agency clients. The traffic used to trickle in, but now our site gets 12k+ visitors per month, all from SEO.


A cursory glance at most online gun retailers will leave you with a familiar sense; that of sameness. For Clyde Armory, we created a different kind of customer experience, one modern more akin to the customer experience that would  find in the fashion market.


Web Dev & Design

We pulled out all the stops when it came to design, using Magento 2 (the same software that massive an iconic companies such as Coca-Cola use) for the entire site. This put Clyde Armory way ahead of the curve, and resulted in a state-of-the-art website, especially in the firearms market.


Since most of their business would be coming from the Internet, we designed and implemented a fully functional eCommerce shop with custom and easy to use modules in backend, helping the company efficiently manage their online sales and inventory. We even developed a custom module tailored specifically for law enforcement sales, an integral part of Clyde’s business.