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Our mission is to bring big agency advertising to small businesses with big dreams.

What Makes Us Different

We have value engineered big ad agency capabilities to meet the needs and budgets of small businesses. This enables us to deliver hyper-targeted campaigns directly to our client’s ideal customers whose behavior has indicated buyer intent.

Image and Video Display Ads

By using programmatic ad-buying technology, we can run targeted ads that are designed to appeal to your ideal customer and create demand.

CTV Commercials

We have successfully engineered a cost-effective way to create and run full-length commercials on CTV (streaming) devices, getting your campaign in front of a latent market.

Search Engine Optimization

Effective SEO relies on a well-executed link-building campaign. Over time, your webpages will rank higher and more customers will find you.

Google Search Ads

“Renting” the top spots in Google search results allows your business to appear alongside the current market leaders while link-building takes place.

Our Capabilities

Display Ads

Our ads are designed to accomplish what you need. We can showcase your strengths and build trust, we can sell a new product or service, or whatever it is that you need. Your ad will then be served to your ideal target persona either in common places where they spend their time online, or alongside more relevant content, like DIY or home improvement articles.

Utilizing programmatic targeting, we can serve attention-grabbing advertisements in places your ideal client is known to spend their time online – reading golf club reviews, finding dessert recipes, and so on.

Leveraging native targeting, advertisements can be placed alongside relevant content in articles on windows, energy-efficient homes, or renovations to build home equity.  Because of this placement, more direct messaging can be used to speak to the consumer.


Ever dreamed of being on TV? The technology used to plan and buy media for commercial placement is more accessible than ever before. We will professionally film your commercial, cut it into various lengths, then serve it to viewers in many different settings – at home during commercial breaks on their favorite streaming service, before their favorite content-creator on YouTube, or even alongside relevant content in digital articles.

Luke Miller

CEO at Oconee Elite

Luke came to Rigmarole with a fairly common request, he wanted more of his business to come through online channels. To help accomplish this request, he insisted that we focus on Search Engine Optimization, a task we are able to accomodate. Understanding the latest trends and what really moves the needle, we focused a large portion of the Oconee Elite budget toward acquiring backlinks. In addition, we supported this effort with paid search advertising. Oconee Elite slowly, but surely, climbed the rankings in search engines, greatly benefiting the business.

After several months of consistent progress had passed, we decided to pivot Luke’s budget to go toward advertising. We created a complete stack of content including a full-length commercial, display ads and native ad sets. We narrowed down the targeting and began serving his ads to prospective customers right away. Within 11 days of starting this campaign, Oconee Elite’s ads had been viewed by more people than had been reached through all of our SEO efforts and paid search ads!


of small businesses that fail within the first 5 years, fail due to lack of market demand

Through strategically-designed, highly targeted ads, Rigmarole is able to create demand in the marketplace for the services your business provides.


of advertisers get 85% of the impressions

The top channels that advertisers use for multichannel campaigns are video/display ads and CTV ads.


of US households have connected TV

Advertisers utilizing CTV report higher conversion rates in addition to improved ad spend efficiency.

More Clients

Bill Hall

Bill Hall

President of Murray Plastics

I couldn't be happier with Rigmarole over the past six years. The Rigmarole team is professional, business savvy, and regularly brings new ideas to the table that are actionable and provide tremendous value.

Bradley Floyd

Bradley Floyd

President of Retail Services Inc.

Our national accounts now include Walmart, Lowes, Dollar General, Walgreens, and Coca-Cola. Rigmarole is a first-class agency that has helped us attract and serve first-class companies.

Doug Ingram

Doug Ingram

President of Good Shepherd Roofing

Rigmarole's work helped us exceed our goal of 15 leads per month by 538% and 5 new customers a month by 324%. Enough said!

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Cody Murray

Founder & CEO

RJ Harbuck


Tanner Patton

Accounts Director

Marl Clevenger

Creative Director

Hadrien Turner

Marketing Director

About Rigmarole

Rigmarole is the expert in entrepreneurial marketing businesses, and we’ve found that many online marketing endeavors are spoiled by flawed strategy and execution. These money and time-wasting pursuits have left companies with a sense of failure, uncertainty, and frustration. So we’ve developed a customized digital advertising solution that is proven to help them take market share from their competition, get more customers, and grow their business.

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