Kevin Scollo and Independent Baking Co. Are on the Rise

Kevin Scollo and Independent Baking Co. Are on the Rise It’s a wonder what the unseen things in life will give rise to. Who knows what the little leaven is doing within the lump of dough in the heat of

A Seat At The Table With Downing Barber And Barberitos

You won’t find Downing Barber, the eponymous founder of Barberitos, in a sprawling executive suite on the top floor of corporate offices on Milledge Avenue. When you enter the graceful white franchise headquarters, Barber’s office greets you just inside the door.

Keeping Farming In The Local Community: Collective Harvest’s Journey

Where did the food you ate last night come from? Who cultivated the grains and vegetables? Who raised the livestock? For most of human civilization, answering these questions has been simple, because large swathes of the population hunted or farmed.

From Farm To Table: How The Farmcart Biscuit Is Revitalizing Athens Foodways

The first taste of a Southern biscuit is a revelation. Biscuits here dwarf their Northern counterparts, which uncannily approximate the contours — and sometimes the consistency — of hockey pucks. Gilt with a toasted patina, a warm sea of creamy

Cultural Fare: How Peter Dale Helped Reinvent Athens Food Culture

Eating is natural, but cooking is a cultural activity.  When we transform the raw materials we hunt, forage, and cultivate into fare we share around tables, we engage in a quintessentially human pursuit. Every delicacy you’ve ever consumed originates in