Create: How Charlie Mustard And Jittery Joe’s Are Redefining Community Investment

Roasting coffee beans was never a vocation Charlie Mustard contemplated. Then, serendipity intervened. The South Carolina native was sitting inside Jittery Joe’s in the 1990s, crunching numbers for a master’s thesis in nutrition. He overheard the proprietors strategizing about roasting their own

Stan Mullins: Portrait Of An Artist As An Entrepreneur

In its brief compass, Athens, Georgia represents a portal connecting two worlds, at once old and new. A small town in the Southeastern portion of The United States, so much art and culture has emerged from this region. Pulaski Street,

How Jesse Lafian, Spoke, and Aqua-Pin Are Disrupting the Irrigation Industry

“Entrepreneurship is risky. But it’s less risky than what I was doing before,” remarks Jesse Lafian. Talking to the Ithaca native is a good way to demythologize the glossy brochures business schools use to advertise their entrepreneurship programs. Lafian’s path

James Preston, Transmitting Athens

James Preston was a man searching for answers. The Presidential election had exposed the jagged edges of a deeply polarized America. For Preston, a filmmaker and South Carolina transplant, this chaos in national politics raised fundamental questions about what keeps